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stupid monkeys

Roadmap and goals

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Team composition. Development of the project plan, design and project fundamentals. Hard-work to develop the first premium collection to be featured on the GameStop NFT Marketplace. Establishment of the company in the social media and public arena.

Expected date: October 2021 (completed)

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Team Expansion and introduction and release of the StupidMonkeys Realm Hero Collection. Community engagement and giveaways.

Expected date: Q2 2024 (In progress)

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Launch of the StupidMonkeys Animated Collection on the GameStop NFT Marketplace, based on the Loopring Ethereum L2 protocol. Community Engagement and promotional events on our social media.

Expected date: July-September 2022 (Completed)

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Manufacturing of the Official StupidMonkeys merchandise with a custom NFT-print for holders. E-Commerce website establishment and personalised products.

Expected date: Q3 2024 (in progress)

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Release of the StupidMonkeys Pajamas Collection, a spin-off of the main serie partially airdropped to our holders. Augmented Reality Giveaways and collaborations with the most successful and talented creators on the GameStop NFT marketplace. Donation of 10eth to the wildlife charity GorillaFund.

Expected date: August-November 2022 (completed)

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Development of StupidMonkeys Realm Hero, an RPG videogame with the NFTs of our previous collections used as characters. The first playable beta will be deployed on Taiko and consist of a PVP mode, where the players will be able to compete against each other and win our in-game tokens, usable to evolve the NFTs of the Realm Hero collection and buy our merchandise.

Expected date: 2024 (in progress)

Fredd team

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CO-Founder & Developer


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CO-Founder & 3D Artist


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Business Manager


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Art Director


Other Team Members

Alessia - Concept Artist

Matteo - 3D Artist

Daniele - 3D Artist

Ruggiero - Animator

Joseph - Developer


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